Fears laid to rest.

July 7, 2014

I spoke to only one of two living people who ever knew about my existence. She embraced me immediately. I addressed her as Ms. Foster, she told me to call her “Aunt Shirley.” We chatted a long time. My new aunt put all of my anxieties to an immediate rest. She would handle announcing my return to the family so that everyone would know I was Kaye’s son. She would give the news to my sister the next morning.

One Ambien later I was asleep for the night. I spent Monday morning waiting for the phone call. I was not disappointed. First my aunt called me to tell me that my sister Sherry would be calling me a little later on that day. Once we got off the phone together an hour or so later I spoke to my sister for the very first time. We instantly fit in together.

Over the next several days one-by-one various Foster relatives messaged me, and sent me friend requests through Facebook. I scrutinized each one of their faces to look for similarities. I looked most like my cousin Carmel. When I actually was first stalking my family I had thought Carmel was my sister, as we do look a lot alike.

Within minutes of our introductions Sherry and I were instant friends. She added me on Facebook. We messaged each other for hours that day. By evening she had found a photo of our mom to share with me. I saw my moms face for the very first time. I could not stop looking at her.


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